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Hyaluronic Acid (20ml)

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General description. 1% of  hyaluronic acid in solution (50% distilled water and 50% glycerin). Dry solution: 85% hyaluronic acid, 9% protein, 5% chondroitin sulfate, 1% heparan sulfate. Molecular mass from 40 to 1000 kDalton. Transparent, viscous, cream-colored liquid.

Plazan hyaluronan is 100% compatible with our skin cells, being extracted from placental cells, not from a plant sources, and does not, therefore, cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Properties. The acid is able to hold more water than any other natural substance (one acid molecule can hold 98 molecules of water) and is found as a gel throughout the body, hydrating tissues, acting as a shock absorber at the ends of bones and lubricating heart valves. It makes up about 80% of the human eye and provides a barrier against the spread of infection. At present it is used to treat many connective-tissue-related disorders such as fractures, hernias, glaucoma, osteochondritis, scarring, wrinkled skin and ligament damage. It is also used in fertility clinics, in the treatment of joint pain and in tissue augmentation. The acid helps to erase age lines and wrinkles and can produce wound healing without scarring. All its curative properties are yet to be identified but recent studies suggest that it may be the modern 'fountain of youth' quoting a possible connection between living long lives and a diet that boosts hyaluronic acid levels.

Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics principally as a moisturizer because of its remarkable capacity to retain water, and therefore maintain tissues well-hydrated and more resilient. Creams based on the acid have a soft and silky consistency.

Recommendations for use in beauty salons. Plazan Hyaluronic Acid has been developed as a hydrating agent for the upper skin layers. It forms a fine protective film on the skin's surface that actively absorbs, and retains, water molecules form the air. It is capable of retaining its properties even at high temperatures, thoroughly hydrating the skin's upper layers and considerably improving its appearance. It may be applied as a tissue mask (for dry skin) or as a cream mask (for all skin types).

Tissue mask - soak a tissue in 2ml of hyaluronic acid solution with 18ml of purified water. Apply mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Once removed, apply a cream containing the acid (Golden Series Day Cream, Diamond Series Day Cream or Diamond Series Night Cream).

Cream mask - add 1ml of the acid solution to 5g of any Plazan hydrating cream. Rub into the skin and wait for 5-10 minutes before removing any excess with a dry cloth.

Both electrophoresis and ultrasonic treatment may be used in the mask application to enhance tissue penetration.

Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, heparan sulfate, albumens, glycerin, preservative, distilled water.

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