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Protecting cream with Nanosomes

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An excellent protective cream for all types of skin and age groups. Enriched with a unique complex of     detoxification monosaccharides, efficiently protecting the dermal cells from endotoxins. Provides a wide-range defense of skin cells from exposure. Prevents early ageing of skin, giving it elasticity, while preserving natural moisture content of all the skin layers. Its active components comprise a unique system of focused transdermal delivery of active substances to the cells of deeper skin layers. The nanosystem restores the natural energy balance, reinforces cell immunity and vitality. Pronounced antioxidative properties of nanocomplexes protect the skin from harsh negative impact of environment. Exquisite texture of the cream is profusely enriched with lipidic nanosomes, providing full-fledged care for skin with disturbed lipidic barrier, actively restoring epidermal lipidic mantle and creating impalpable protective barrier film. Protective functions of lipidic nanosomes are due to high concentration of uronides, which prevent oxidation of unsaturated lipids and activate vitamin absorption by dermal cells. Hypoallergenic formula. Comfortable and efficient.

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