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Low molecular Plazan

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General description. Contains 0.5% peptides and amino acids with a molecular weight below 10,000 Dalton, stabilized in a 50% glycerin solution. Light yellow, clear liquid.

Low-molecular Plazan is 100% compatible with our own skin cell requirements, being extracted from placental cells, not from a plant sources. This makes it far more effective than traditional solutions as it is readily absorbed and incorporated into the cell's metabolic processes.

Properties. Low-molecular Plazan stimulates cell metabolism, especially under conditions of cell and tissue exhaustion. It increases oxygen consumption, facilitates glucose transportation and improves the reparative and regenerative processes in cells. Even a single use of Low-Molecular Plazan stimulates the formation of fibroblasts and increases connective tissue synthesis (collagen, elastin and proteoglycans).

Recommendations for use in beauty salons. Low-molecular Plazan is a product with preventative and therapeutic properties. Its active components penetrate deep into the skin and are effective for skin fatigue, cellulite and for post-plastic surgery care. It may be applied as a tissue mask or as a cream mask.

Tissue mask - soak a tissue in 2ml of Low-Molecular Plazan complex with 18ml of purified water. Apply mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Once removed, apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid (Golden Series Day Cream, Diamond Series Day Cream or Diamond Series Night Cream).

Cream mask - add 1ml of Low-Molecular Plazan complex to 4g of any Plazan hydrating cream. Rub into the skin and wait for 5-10 minutes before removing any excess with a dry cloth.

No special equipment is necessary for effective absorption due to the low-molecular weight of the active components. As it's an extremely effective metabolic activator it is more recommended for women over 25, when the skin cell synthesis begins to 'slow down' and function less efficiently.

Ingredients: low-molecular components from placental cell extracts - peptides, amino acids, monosaccharides, adenosine triphosphate, nucleotides, glucose, micro-element, glycerin, preservative, distilled water.

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