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High molecular Plazan

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General description. Placental cell extract of high-molecular components with a molecular weight of over 10,000 Dalton. Contains 50% glycerin as a stabilizing agent. Has opaque, magenta-colored liquid.

High-molecular Plazan is 100% compatible with our own skin cell requirements, being extracted from placental cells, not from a plant sources. This makes it far more effective than traditional solutions as it is readily absorbed and incorporated into the cell's metabolic processes.

Recommendations for use in beauty salons. High-molecular Plazan is recommended for use in beauty salons to treat problem skin such as acne and viral skin infections and for post-plastic surgery treatment, epidermis growth stimulation after skin peeling, polishing, and general rejuvenation and stimulation for ageing skin. It may be applied as a tissue mask or as a cream mask.

Tissue mask - soak a tissue in 2ml of  High-molecular Plazan with 18ml of purified water. Apply mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Once removed, apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid (Gold Series Day Cream, Diamond Series Day Cream or Diamond Series Night Cream).

Cream Mask - add 1ml of High-molecular Plazan to 4g of any cream containing hyaluronic acid. Rub into the skin and wait for 5-10 minutes before removing any excess with a dry cloth.

Both electrophoresis and ultrasonic treatment may be used in the mask application to enhance tissue penetration.

Ingredients: high molecular components from placental cell extracts: albumens and glycosaminoglycans, glycerin, preservative, distilled water.

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